Your Retirement Community

Dear Colleague,

By Federal law enforcement for Federal law enforcement – I am a retired Federal law enforcement officer, with insight to the unique financial challenges facing my former cotemporaries, both still on the job or have moved on to “life beyond the badge”. I am on YOUR side!!!

Up-to-date information and strategies: There is too much information on the financial front for current and retired Feds to keep up with; in addition, your agency is unlikely to offer intensive guidance on a consistent basis in the lead-up to retirement, and certainly not after (try reaching OPM after you leave service). I am YOUR resource!!!

The level of help you need: You choose the level of you’re comfortable with -you can simply browse materials and exchange information in the general information bulletin board, attend our “Boot Camp” for structured, step-by-step exercises designed to stimulate thought and craft solutions for retirement planning. We also offer one-on-one coaching to help you fine-tune your retirement planning and provide referrals to financial professionals who can guide you to an excellent outcome. I am YOUR support!!!