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Terms and Conditions of Use
By subscribing to and/or purchasing any or all the services offered by GMFT Ventures LLC (a Florida corporation, d/b/a “Retiring Fed”, and hereafter referred to as Retiring Fed), you agree to all the following terms and conditions of use:
Offerings by Retiring Fed are not U.S. Government information, products, or services, and are not approved or endorsed by the U.S. Government in any manner. Retiring Fed is an educational, as well as an information gathering, aggregation, and dissemination, entity. All the material contained on this website and any associated publications, social media pages, service offerings (including, but not limited to, the free PDF, the “Boot Camp” and individual coaching) is solely for informational purposes of its subscribers. Neither Chris Cappannelli, Ed.D. nor Retiring Fed warrant the appropriateness or fitness of any information, suggestions, etc. to one’s particular situation; the user assumes all risk, and we, jointly and severally, disclaim all liability for the member’s improper reliance on any information provided.
While Retiring Fed permits advertising by external entities, such as financial planners/advisors, attorneys, etc., we do not endorse any provider, products, or their services. The subscriber assumes all risk in this regard and should carefully evaluate the credentials of the provider and benefit to be realized.
All conditions regarding any alleged guarantees, refunds, and similar are strictly adhered to. Any disputes are subject to arbitration under the laws of the State of Florida as the domicile of Retiring Fed (and its corporate parent), and any decision by an arbitrator will be binding and final upon all parties to the dispute.
We will only contact you if you affirmatively provide your contact information. If you wish to stop receiving e-mails, texts, phone calls, or any other form of communication, please “Unsubscribe” from the e-mail list and/or contact gmftventures@gmail.com for any other form of communication preferences.
Except where required by law (e.g. demand by legal process by law enforcement or a court) for subscriber information), Retiring Fed will not share or sell your personal or contact information with any entity, public or private.
Retiring Fed reserves the right to hire employees or contractors to assist with contacting clients, disseminating materials, or any other task germane and necessary to the efficient and profitable conduct of company business. Therefore, your personal information may be shared with these individuals, subject to a confidentiality clause prohibiting them from sharing your information publicly and/or contacting you for any reason other than the products and services of Retiring Fed.
Retiring Fed reserves the right to issue stock, assume partners, and/or sell the business and all associated trademarks, copyrights, products, services, and transfer your contact information to the partnering/assuming entity.
All material (including the logo “Retiring Fed: You Can’t Afford To Get It Wrong, the free PDF, “Boot Camp” and elements contained therein, etc.) are trademarked and copyrighted by Retiring Fed, and may not be used or re-disseminated without our express, written consent, nor improperly quoted. We will vigorously pursue any criminal and/or civil legal action to remedy and infringement resulting in loss of revenue, reputation, etc.